About - Justin Nagrassus

Justin Nagrassus

   I picked up first camera in 2010. I had a real interest in Photographing sports. Everything from youth football to Ice racing in Georgetown, CO. During that time, my interest in the technical aspect of Photography grew tremendously. I never realized how creative a person could be with a camera simply by learning the technicalities. Since that time, I have been hooked. I began taking as many photos as I could, eventually finding myself loving many different genre's of Photography other than sports.

   I am self taught, but I have also attended several photography workshops taught by some of the top Photographers in the country. One thought of wisdom that every one of them had in common, is that in order to constantly learn and improve your Photography, you have to love what you do and the pictures you take. I have learned that could not be more true. Everytime I pick up my camera, I am constantly learning and growing in what I do. I have a drive for Photography that is driven by the quality of the photos and a joy that those photo's bring to other people through memories...

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